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Little Sam’s ‘gut instinct’

In Uncategorized on July 22, 2009 at 7:06 pm

I love Sam…honestly I think I could adopt this little cherub with his cheeky grin and button nose…however he is one of  THE most stubborn children I have ever taught! When he sticks his heels in and says ‘No!’ It really can become extremely frustrating and takes forever to get through to him and for him to come around.

 However until today I have been able to snap him out of it with some playful ‘coochycoo’ language to make him smile. Once he smiles I know I have him and then the world is a happy place once again.

However today the ‘coochycoo’ just wasn’t going to cut it for darling Little Sam.

After almost 20 mins of trying to get him off the computer to go to his music lesson…I was getting nowhere and my frustration levels were rising, and I could feel myself wanting to yell at him. But ofcourse I knew this would just make matters worse as poor Sam comes from a home where he is yelled at alot and often physically abused by his father (who also has special needs)…so that strategy was well and truly off the cards and my ‘teacher bag of tricks’ was totally and utterly bare!!

What to do? If I give up and just let him stay this will quite possibly create a new pattern of behaviour. Everytime he doesn’t want to go somewhere he can sit on the computer, say ‘No’ and will get to have some fun. My only other option would be to phycially remove him…which would create a struggle, end in anger, time-out and unhappiness all round for us both.

Out of pure desperation to try and get through to him I started to talk to his tummy… ‘excuse me Mr Tum, are you feeling a bit sad today?’

To my surprise…the tummy talked back to me and said ‘Yes’ (through Sam) Hallejulah! At least I was getting something other than ‘NO’.

I continued talking to the tum. ‘Why are you sad Mr Tum?’

‘Because Sam is making bad choices’ was the reply.

‘Do you think that Sam might be able to make a good choice and go to music?’

‘Yes’ was the reply…and then the smile came…PHEW!!

‘Would Mr Tum like a cuddle?’

‘Yes.’ so I gave him a cuddle and he held my hand and we went to music. On the way Mr Tum then proceeded to say ‘Hello’ to everyone we met. We were met with a strange look by staff but once I told then that ‘his tummy  is talking to them as we seem to be having more of a chance of getting through to the tum than the head today’, they all went along with it and said ‘hello’ back.

I guess this was a perfect example of  using your ‘gut instinct’.

Children, especially special needs children really do amaze me everyday…and are constantly pushing me to think outside the box and re-evaluate my personal reactions to being frustrated…next time I feel this way, I might just sit down and have a good long talk with my own tum and see what happens? (I will try and do this in the privacy of my own home though).



Peeing in the playground

In Uncategorized on July 14, 2009 at 9:15 pm

Ok…today was one of those days.

You know the ones where you have to go and have a meeting with person that you REALLY don’t like but you need them to help you out. So you have to swallow your pride and bite your tongue and find your personal and professional power to just ‘get through it’, without saying what is truly in your heart.

Anyway I made it… and then went to work with my lovely special needs children. It was an outing to the playground to celebrate our last week before the summer holidays.

While at the playground trying to supervise and keep the ‘terrorizing’ to a minimum (as there were dozens of other school groups there) another teacher came up to me and asked ‘is that little boy who peed himself with your group?’

I looked worringly to see if he was mine (as I had not bought any change of clothes with me today), but he was not.

She then went onto say that she had been watching him as he stood there happily peeing himself as it ran down his trousers. ‘I guess its lucky he wasn’t standing on the fort with anyone under him’ she added playfully. I stood there for a moment watching this little boy in the green pee stained trousers as he continued to play and no one seemed to come to his rescue or even notice his trousers.

It then occured to me that it was ME that seemed to have the problem, and he was quite content and happy. So I just let him go rather than intervene and seek help for him.

I must admit something, after reflecting on my terrible meeting this morning, upon arriving home I bought myself a bottle of coca cola and some Ben and Jerry’s chocolate macadia icecream (it was half price, how could I resist!) and preceeded to watch 3 episodes of trashy Australian soap operas. After this I seemed to feel a little better and happier…and then a little guilty and uncomfortable.

I started to think… how different is this from the little boy peeing in the playground?

I mean we all have our little vices that make us happy, many of them are socially unacceptable but they give us some immediate comfort and cheering up from time to time. We don’t need to beat ourselves up about them, as long as noone else is being effected.

I guess the Beatles and Bobby McFerrin knew about this little philosophy when they wrote their lyrics….

“Let it Pee” and “Don’t Worry, Pee happy”…I mean the jokes could be endless  really 😉 xx