About Me

I am a Teacher-Of-All-Trades. I especially love working with special needs children and Deaf children as they are constantly challenging me and providing me with insights and wisdom in their own quirky ways.

What I learn from my students helps me to be who I am and to work towards my vision of  ‘inclusive communities’ where able and disbled people and children work alongside one another, learning together and sharing the valuable lessons of peace, love, trust and hope.

My aim is to share my thoughts, visions and experiences of the people, children and world around me. To hopefully offer some insight into my own life and perhaps the lives of others in similiar situations.

I believe we all have  a right to be heard…but unfortunately this is not always the case for many people, especially for those that have communication difficulties or a ‘Special Need’ that prevents them from expressing and believing in themselves.

I do not plan to speak on anyones behalf other than my own, but I do hope to be able to give some insights into the lives of others through my observations of my own life and interactions.

I believe life is a continual classroom and we can’t learn ALL the lessons at once, so it is therefore more time effective to share them and learn from each other.

I know that journaling (and hence this blog) will help me to clarify my own life lessons, and I hope that this blog may also help to contribute something to someone somewhere. xx


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