Story of The Humble Warrior

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This afternoon I googled ‘The Humble Warrior’ after having dreamt the title ‘Humble Warrior’ and written my debut blog. What I found was quite interesting.

Along with links to kickboxing and Evander Holyfield (the famous boxer)…I came across a Native American Indian story titled ‘A Story of The Humble Warrior’.

The story was about a young boy called Running Through Forest who was named so for his fast speed and running ability.

Running Through Forest was loved by his all his people and they would often give him gifts and gave him the honorary title of ‘warrior’, however he had never gone to war nor possessed any honorary ‘war feathers’ to his name.

Some younger warriors were overheard talking about him and the  fact that he had so much for doing what appeared to be so little.  Upon hearing this news Running Through Forest became concerned by what these young warriours had said as they were very brave fighters indeed.

The Shamen and Chief ordered a Pow Wow to sort this out. During the discussion it was discovered the reason ‘WHY’ everyone loved Running Through Forest. As a young boy he had saved the lives of the village children by leading them to safety through the forest while his father stayed and fought an ambush. All the warriors had been out fighting and it was just him and his father. His father was killed in the process. Running Through Forest was then given the job of watching over the children of the tribe while the warriors were away. For this service he was given many gifts  and loved by his people.

Running Through Forest vowed to give over all his possessions to the young warriors however he said he was not able to give them the love that was given with the gifts.

The warriors upon hearing the news changed their minds about Running Through Forest and decided not to take the gifts at all.

I guess there are many different morals  and themes to this story and how this can apply to our lives today.

  • That those who care for our children should be honoured and loved by the community. Unfortunately in our current society people who are responsible for money e.g. bankers are paid higher and get more professional prestige than those that care for our children e.g. teachers and care workers.
  • The importance of giving ‘gifts with love’. Love is not transerable. In our materialistic world we often feel that our self worth is defined by the possessions we own and the titles we have. Most people are not aware that it is the ’emotions’ and ‘memories’ that are of the most worth, and these are not transerable from person to person through any form of possession.
  • Being humble and not boasting about our past achievements is often the most respected form of courage and ‘warrior spirit’.
  • That often with any form of accolade there comes some sacrifice. Running Through Forest had to live a life without his beloved father, and I’m sure no amount of loving and good intentioned gifts could replace such an important person. We need to think before judging others as we are never sure of the sacrifices they have made to get where they are.

Isn’t it amazing how much you can get from such a short fable…I certainly can relate each of these points to my life and my personal beliefs. I guess the universe bought me this title and this story for a reason.

P.S . If you want to read the whole story –


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